At Vitalize Med Spa our goal is to achieve your cosmetic goals. We accomplish this by using the best facial technology in every facial.


This cosmetic procedure involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilized needles. The microscopic wounds cause your skin to make more collagen and elastin. The results are a smoother texture, a healthy glow and rejuvenated skin. Hyaluronic Acid or PRP are used in the treatment to maximize results.

$210 (includes post-procedure kit)

Skinfinity RF

Skinfinity RF is a fractional ablative device that is used to treat a range of skin issues using radio frequency technology. To produce correct microscopic thermal injuries in the skin, it utilizes the proprietary In-Motion roller tip. One Skinfinity RF is shown to be as effective as 3 Microneedling sessions to correct texture, fine lines and wrinkles.


Add Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Harnesses the body’s ability to heal by using your own blood plasma with concentrated platelets containing bioactive growth factors and natural proteins. The growth factors in PRP initiate healing of connective tissue, development of new blood vessels, and improvement of blood flow to the affected area.


6% Pure Retinol Peel

Indicated for people with moderate to severe discoloration and normal to resilient skin. This peel is appropriate for treating the visible signs of aging, as well as those with sallow or dull complexions. Patients should expect dramatic peeling and sheeting beginning two to three days post-treatment and lasting for up to ten days.


Advanced Acne Treatment

Acne is a common medical and aesthetic problem for millions of teenagers and adults. Commonly affecting the face, it is a skin condition caused by the combination of clogged pores, bacteria and dead skin cells. At Vitalize Med Spa, Dr Ehreema Nadir works closely with Aesthetician's to offer clinically proven, individualized acne treatment regimens to promote and restore healthy, clear skin.

Acne-related conditions include blackheads, whiteheads, inflamed acne, rosacea, nodular cysts and acne scars. We offer skin care and acne treatment options, including medications (both topical and oral).

Traditional medical approaches: utilize topical creams, antibiotics, OCPs, spironolactone, etc. Many patients do have success with these traditional methods of treatment.